About 20 years ago, the concept of a backyard studio space hit my consciousness for the first time. I think I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes and an old, white-haired author had one in his back yard; it seemed like an absolutely brilliant idea. Back then I was still holding fast to the idea that I was going to be a writer – in the professional sense – and wouldn’t a no-excuses space just like that give me the perfect environment to sit all alone and gut it out. As it turns out, I lack the salt, steel, and self-loathing to write professionally, so I became a photographer instead.


In those days, my young two kiddos and I were living alone in a big house with all the space I needed so the idea faded. More recently, however, I’ve become addicted to silence/peace/calm; as a city dweller, it’s no longer a fun thing I’d like to have, but a haven/respite/sanctuary I desperately crave.

This time it’s going to happen. One year from now, I plan to be nestled in my cozy womb doing cozy womb things with angelic pup curled at my feet keeping my tootsies pleasantly toasty – sipping a bit of hot tea, pondering which herbs and vegetables I might muster the ability to grow, making some art, doing some work, and watching the seasons change – all whilst being softly nuzzled by the perfectly plump ribbons of heat emanating from my wee pot belly stove. Oh, yes.

In the meantime, lots of life things will be transpiring and I’ll be working with my wonderful husband and wildly talented father on a blueprint with the plan to begin building in the spring – roughly 6 six months from now.

While I’ve landed on something that basically (exactly. Ok, yes, exactly) resembles Amy Bloom’s writing studio as featured in the book, “Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways”…


I have also researched hundreds (and hundreds) of other wonderfully cozy looking spaces…


…each of which contain elements that really connected to the vision I have embedded in my soul’s desire. Nevertheless, I am someone who appreciates the journey and knows that the end result will be perfectly perfect – and I am so excited. 🙂