The crazier our populated world gets, the less I want anything to do with it. I trust Mama Earth, though, and can relate to how she must feel. Only now, in my 50s, do I realize how my resources had become grossly overdrawn by the demands of everything and everyone around me. Moving far awayContinue reading “Grounding”

The Local – Helena

Shortly after arriving in Helena, I came across this beautiful magazine at one of the eateries in town (Karmadillos). I pawed through the pages of Volume 3 while noshing on my Veggie Salad (with citrus vinaigrette – highly recommended) and knew I wanted to be a contributor. And so it came to pass – huzzah!Continue reading “The Local – Helena”

Firetower Coffee House

Nord owns Firetower Coffee on Last Chance Gulch. He might be mildly obsessed with the Beatles – hard to say. They roast their own beans – all fair trade and organic. Buy your coffee here – it’s the right thing to do – plus it tastes way better than Barstucks. I dare you not toContinue reading “Firetower Coffee House”

The Myrna Loy

Photos I took for a story in The Local magazine (Vol. 4). Helena may be a small town, but it’s just as cool as any big city I’ve ever been to. I almost hate sharing how awesome it is because, selfishly, I want it to stay the way it is. By all means, come visitContinue reading “The Myrna Loy”

The Montana Book Company

I owned a brick and mortar bookshop once upon a time. Then the economy crashed. And Kindle happened. And Amazon wiped out tens of thousands of independently-owned businesses – like bookshops. Like our bookshop. There’s nothing like a real book. The printed page. The tactile experience of smelling a book and turning its pages withContinue reading “The Montana Book Company”