Firetower Coffee House

Nord owns Firetower Coffee on Last Chance Gulch. He might be mildly obsessed with the Beatles – hard to say. They roast their own beans – all fair trade and organic. Buy your coffee here – it’s the right thing to do – plus it tastes way better than Barstucks. I dare you not toContinue reading “Firetower Coffee House”

The Base Camp – Helena

I love The Base Camp. Period. You can rent anything you need to hang out with Mama Nature in any season. The folks who work there are as nice as they come – bend over backwards helpful. This was the first business I visited after having moved to Helena and they couldn’t have been anyContinue reading “The Base Camp – Helena”

The Myrna Loy

Photos I took for a story in The Local magazine (Vol. 4). Helena may be a small town, but it’s just as cool as any big city I’ve ever been to. I almost hate sharing how awesome it is because, selfishly, I want it to stay the way it is. By all means, come visitContinue reading “The Myrna Loy”

The Montana Book Company

I owned a brick and mortar bookshop once upon a time. Then the economy crashed. And Kindle happened. And Amazon wiped out tens of thousands of independently-owned businesses – like bookshops. Like our bookshop. There’s nothing like a real book. The printed page. The tactile experience of smelling a book and turning its pages withContinue reading “The Montana Book Company”

The York 38 Special 2019 Promo – Event Date: August 24, 2019

Doing some volunteer photography work for the York Fire Rescue/York Volunteer Fire Department and decided to take some footage of the race route while we were out exploring one day. Shot with my Samsung 10+ (on basic settings – will adjust next time), edited in Premiere Pro CC. It’s a bit rough, but not tooContinue reading “The York 38 Special 2019 Promo – Event Date: August 24, 2019”

Montana |Remains of the Day | Analog

I take the Rollei with me every time we go exploring. I don’t think it’s necessarily ideal for photographing landscapes, though. Maybe I just need to learn to do a better job of managing larger scenarios with this particular format; regardless, I’m finding some pretty interesting subjects within a more accessible focal range. Not farContinue reading “Montana |Remains of the Day | Analog”

Helena | Montana | Color

Helena’s history is both rich (literally) and storied. There are so many layers – so many possible rabbit holes down which to tumble; it’s hard to know where to begin. Gold. Probably the gold. There was a lot of it at one time – in fact, at one point Helena was home to more millionairesContinue reading “Helena | Montana | Color”

Helena | Montana | BW

Getting to know Helena bit by bit… Last Chance Gulch Last Chance Gulch is the name of the actual gulch in which gold was discovered in 1864. The thoroughfare which was built down the Gulch was originally named Main Street. It remained that way for some 85 years, until July 20 1953, when acting HelenaContinue reading “Helena | Montana | BW”


Yesterday – playing around in a beautiful meadow in Boulder. Today – I finally paid attention to how much time it takes to develop, scan, and edit three rolls of film. Ten hours. And I loved every second of it.